Mission / Vision Statement
To create a friendly, outdoor, camping club, free of unnecessary beaurocracy and costs, catering for all facets of camping lifestyles, encouraging members and their families to enjoy the great outdoors, according to their own preferences.

We officially “launched” the club with a “Getaway” at Midmar Dam (Orient Park) in March 2006 with 7 families signing up, followed by a weekend at Scottburgh where more families signed up. We have since grown to 17 families (one of which hails from Standerton!!). We have even had enquiries from as far afield as Pretoria where it is envisaged that a “branch” will be formed.

We intend expanding the club on a national basis but only if numbers are sufficient and are sustainable which each Convenor running independently.

 Arrangements / Running of the Club

We have a Code of Conduct whereby the member agrees to:

  1. Keep his/her motor vehicle, caravan / motor home and equipment in good roadworthy condition and to ensure compliance with various National amd Provincial Motor Ordinances.
  2. Ensure compliance with, and abide by the rules and regulations of the park being visited.
  3. Observe a standard of behaviour which will not cause disturbance, or annoyance to fellow members or the public.
  • Administration - The Club is administered by 3 Convenors – Larry Rowland, Fred Meijer and Valerie Crawford.
  • Fees – An “association fee” of R30 is levied per annum and is used to cover admin costs i.t.o. telephone, fax & e-mail costs.
  • Arrangements for “Getaways” – Bookings for venues are made by Convenors (or the member who chose the park) – The only reason for this is to take advantage of negotiated rates / discounts offered
  • Frequency of “Getaways” – It is envisaged that getaways are arranged for every 2nd month – bearing in mind the high cost of fuel or as often as the members desire.
  • Entertainment – There is NO organised entertainment or gathering (unless requested) – families are encouraged to do their own thing for the duration of the “Getaway”.
  • Intentions – Members are requested to submit Intention Slips at least 2 weeks prior to a “Getaway” so that the park being visited can be forewarned of expected numbers.
  • Park Fees / Payment of Park Fees – The Club is not held responsible for payments to parks. Upon arrival, the member will be held responsible pay the park directly. (Some parks, like Scottburgh, asked for a bulk payment and this was handled as such)
  • Newsletter / Information Bulletins – A Newsletter, “The Spare-Wheel” is distributed to members within 3 weeks of the previous “Getaway” and follow-up Newsletter is distributed 3 weeks prior to the following “Getaway” – This is currently done via e-mail

Since its inception in March 2006, Freewheelers has grown to more than 100 families in Kwazulu Natal, Eastern Cape and Gauteng, catering for all ages and families including singles . The relaxed style of our weekend getaways has proved to be popular in these times of hectic living.

While Freewheelers don’t arrange “official “ weekend entertainment, the reality is that due to close friendships that have developed between members, the get-togethers are usually the order of the day and again totally voluntary.

Club members have also arranged adventure trips to neighbouring countries like Mozambique, Lesotho and Swaziland and as well as the Wild Coast, Tiger fishing at Josini etc.   

New families are welcome to come and experience our style of outdoor enjoyment.  A bi-monthly newsletter is also published.

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